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I teach law students my proven study and scheduling system so they get the grades they deserve and thrive in law school.

An evidence-based approach for ambitious law students who believe in their ability and want to master every class topic to excel on exams.  

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If you don't have a study system or struggle to study and understand your materials, you’re not alone. 

Most law students go to law school without a plan to learn the law.  They rely on college study habits or wing it through their first semester by trial and error.

Compounding this, law schools teach study skills as independent pieces, in random order, mixed with rules and opinions from people offering their personal experiences of studying when they were in law school decades ago.  

The result is inconsistent learning.

The consequences of not having a formal study system?

An incomplete understanding of the tested topics, which leads to low confidence, high stress, and a disorganized, half-finished essay exam. 

And when students don't employ a consistent study process, their grades don't reflect their true potential. So frustrating.   

I created a proven system for learning every class topic and preparing for exams in law school to get the grades you deserve‚ÄĒa step-by-step process through which you identify and run every topic¬†from day one of the semester to the final exam.

No more stressing about what topics you know and don't know, your professor's exam preferences, what you'll be tested on in your exams, or what you must do each day to study.

If you employ my system, you’ll create a weekly study schedule specific to your classes and syllabi, understand your class topics, feel prepared, and master the skill of articulating your understanding in writing on your final exams. 

I'll show you how to custom-tailor the system to your beautiful brain and learning preferences.  

You will walk confidently into exams knowing you gave 100% to learning every topic. Your grades will increase exponentially, reflecting your effort, clarity, knowledge, and ability.  

Take the next step with me if you want to untangle studying with a system that yields real results.

One syllabus. One list of topics. One system for learning every topic. One day at a time. It's that simple.

Set clear study goals so you stop procrastinating and achieve your full potential on exams.


View Courses for Law Students

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