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Every law student learns differently. I teach the most comprehensive study and scheduling system for success in law school and show you how to customize it to your learning. 


A step-by-step approach for ambitious law students to master every class topic and excel on exams.


Learn More About My System for Success!

Law students are expected to know how to study the law.  

But not every student knows or is taught how.

I intend to level the playing field and tip it in your favor.

Incoming Law Students


Still riding the high of your law school acceptance and want to channel that excitement into actively preparing for your first week of classes, but not sure how?

Hit the Ground Running on Day 1 With My Proven System for Success!

Current Law Students, Can You Relate?

Overwhelmed with pressure to get the grades, maintain a scholarship, get off academic probation or complete your assignments before class?

Struggling to manage your study time, balance your personal life, exercise, work, or be the attentive parent, daughter, son or friend to your loved ones? 

Frustrated that the incredible amount of time and effort you're putting in does not equate to an understanding of your material or the grades you expected? 

Tired of pulling all-nighters and cram sessions, not feeling like yourself, being exhausted, barely finishing assignments moments before class, and hoping you don't get cold called on? 

Lacking a straightforward study process so you confuse and combine topics in class and on exams?  

Forcing yourself to study in a manner that does not work for your brain or being taught in a style that doesn't resonate with the way you learn?

Law school doesn't have to be this way!

What if you could have:  

Calm Confidence

So you walk into the exam knowing you gave 100% to learning, preparing, and practicing every topic you'll be tested on.  To be able to say, "There is nothing more I could have done to succeed so let's get this exam over with!"  

100% Control of Your Time and Life

By creating a comprehensive schedule to learn each topic every week. By accurately gauging how long your studying will take so you have time for yourself and can truly be present with your loved ones.  

Top Grades and Rank

Whether you care about the accolades or not, exceptional grades that showcase your understanding, adherence to your professor's preferences, and ability to apply the facts to the law.

Intentional Study Sessions

Where you study in a manner that appeals to your unique learning preferences. With clear goals to understand the big picture and significance of each case and create an approach to writing every topic you'll see on your exams.  

You deserve these things and now they're at your fingertips!


The Law School Operating System‚ĄĘ¬†!


 Learn a proven, comprehensive nine step study system for understanding every topic and thriving in law school. 


 Learn how to schedule the study steps--for every topic--into each week of your semester. 


Learn how to use your own learning and thinking preferences and metacognition to understand, digest and apply the law to every exam. 

Check Out The Law School Operating System‚ĄĘ Courses to See Which is Right for You!

One syllabus. One list of topics. One system for learning every topic. One day at a time. It's that simple.

What could you achieve if you had clarity on your current struggles in law school? 

I see you. I hear you. And I believe in you. You deserve your seat at your law school. You are more than enough. Sometimes you just need to break law school down into manageable chunks and tackle them one day at a time. That's what I'll show you how to do. 

91% of Law Students  

Who Completed The Law School Operating System‚ĄĘ Recorded or Live Course Reported Achieving Their Academic Goals in Law School.

Instead of telling you what to expect in law school, I show you how to succeed with my proven study system.  

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