The Live Course provides instant affirmation and clarification of your understanding as you learn the system one-on-one with me on Zoom. 

Upon purchase, you'll log in to your account, where you'll have access to the course materials, select your preferred meeting time on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, and receive an email with our Zoom meeting details.   

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What's Included in the Live Course?

Upon purchase, you'll get immediate access to your account, where you'll find the course Workbook and Competency Rubrics. When we meet on Zoom, I'll teach you the information in the five sections below.   

01. Course Introduction

  • Welcome and Introduction to The Law School Operating System


02. Understand How You Learn New Information

  • Introduction to How Your Unique Brain Learns New Information
  • Using Metacognitive Thinking to Learn in Law School
  • Using Your Learning Preferences to Learn in Law School
  • Customizing the Nine Step Study System for Your Thinking and Learning Preferences

03.  The Nine Step Study System for Every Topic You Learn

  • Introduction to the Nine Steps
  • Step 1: Understand the Big Picture of the Subject
  • Step 2: Identify the Main Topics in the Subject You’ll Learn in Your Classes this Semester
  • Quick Tip on Steps 3, 4, and 5: This is How Law Students “Study”
  • Step 3: Outline Every Main Topic According to the Table of Contents
  • Step 4: Actively Read Every Case You’re Assigned
  • Step 5: Brief Every Case You’re Assigned
  • Step 6: Use Class to Confirm What You Taught Yourself
  • Step 7: Transform the Topic Outlines into Topic Approaches that Mirror How You’ll Write the Topic on the Essay Exam
  • Step 8: Introduction to Practice Exams
    • Step 8A: Writing Practice Essay Exams and Analysis
    • Step 8B: Taking Practice Multiple Choice Exams
  • Step 9: Assessing Your Performance on Practice Exams

04. Calendaring the Nine Steps into Every Week of Your Semester

  • A Comprehensive System for Scheduling the Nine Steps
  • Alternative Scheduling Options and Apps

05.  Bonus Information

  • How to Use the Nine Steps to Study for Your Bar Exam
  • The Essential Growth Mindset in Law School
  • A Nine Steps Analogy to Bring It All Together
Purchase the Live Course for $599

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Purchase the Live Course for $599